About Me 

I am JFish, a California-based artist and designer. My work is focused on slip cast ceramic tableware which I design and produce in the Bay Area. Trained in Engineering Psychology at Tufts University and Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, I have a unique perspective that is reflected in my work. I strive to combine style and beauty with comfort and accessibility,  designing products that are approachable, touchable, and beautiful. 

Through all of my work, the common theme is user interaction. I focus on the person who will use the product and how the experience can be enhanced. My ceramic collection includes cups that the user can wrap his or her hands around, containers that can be arranged in various shapes to form a cohesive whole, and vases that have sweeping curves that complement one another. 

My professional background includes 4 years at Smart Design where I contributed research on projects for companies such as OXO, Hewlett Packard, Vicks, Shell, and Toyota. As an Industrial Designer at Lifetime Brands, I worked on kitchenware products for well-known brands like KitchenAid, Farberware & Cuisinart. I have worked on freelance projects ranging from handbag design, to birdfeeders, to home storage solutions and more. 

When I'm not designing I like drawing pictures of turtles, growing tomatoes and hanging out in the mountains or the desert. Check out my studio at the Berkeley Potters Guild, Berkeley, CA.

*photo credit: Ashley Etling, Red Clay

*photo credit: Ashley Etling, Red Clay